Real Estate Development and Engineering: How Engineering Services Help Real Estate Developers

Real estate development focuses on enhancing the quality of life by helping to create an environment where we can come together to learn, grow, and…

When Should You Call a Professional Surveyor?

Is there a piece of land that needs to be surveyed and inspected? A big question to ask is whether a professional surveying service is…

First Capital Engineering Celebrates 25 Years

Where has the time gone? Ann and John Luciani started First Capital Engineering, Inc. in 1995 with two computers, a debit card, no contacts, no…

Marketing Manager

Utilizing the Power of “What If…?”

What if you had a project site, and you weren’t sure how to best layout the parking lot, or you weren’t sure what the optimal…

Marketing Manager

Stormwater Rain Gardens: How They Work & Where to Place One

A rain garden can be beautiful and functional but knowing where to place it and how to integrate it with its natural surroundings are crucial.

Project Engineer

Property Zoning: Why We Need It & Our Process

Zoning laws are designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public as it relates to land use. Learn more about zoning and our process here.

Director of Land Development