Property Zoning: Why We Need It & Our Process

Director of Land Development

When embarking on your new project, zoning issues can cause frustration and seem pointless. So, what is the purpose of zoning and how is it done?

Why Property Zoning Is Necessary

Zoning laws govern the use of land and the structures built on it. Zoning is the legal process for dividing land into sections, or zones, for varied uses.

In general, the purpose of zoning laws is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public as it relates to land use. Determining the appropriate uses for land, based on location and what is already occupying the surrounding area, provides for orderly land development, as well as required planning and creation of adequate infrastructure.

Setting the Stage for Future Growth

Zoning ordinances provide a framework for orderly development of land based on how the municipality chooses to grow, by setting up districts and limiting uses within each district.  Ordinances not only limit the uses but limit building type, configuration, bulk and area requirements, setbacks, impervious coverage as well as limiting the square footage/acreage of the property to be developed.

Zoning ordinances also provide for flexibility in the variance and special exception application process. These processes allow for changes in land use and districts over time.

Our Property Zoning Process

All Land Development projects at First Capital Engineering (FCE) begin with an examination of the municipal zoning ordinance in which the project is located. We examine the intended use of the project and the zoning district in which it will fall, in order to determine whether it will comply with those requirements. If it does not fall within the zoning requirement, FCE will initiate the process of getting relief from the zoning ordinance in order to construct the project.

Our Project Managers, Landscape Architects, and Professional Engineers have vast experience in the preparation and submission of required documentation, as well as attending zoning hearing board meetings on behalf of our clients.

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