Utilizing the Power of “What If…?”

Marketing Manager

What if you had a project site, and you weren’t sure how to best layout the parking lot, or you weren’t sure what the optimal traffic flow might be. Would your constituents be better served with a traffic circle, or a left turn lane to ease that snarled rush hour traffic?

First Capital Engineering can help you find answers to those questions in a matter of hours, not weeks. Using a cost-optimized, revolutionary engineering software system, FCE can quickly design conceptual grading, stormwater and site layout plans for your next project or provide quick feasibility studies for site selection, before your very eyes! Our team can enter the address or intersection of your proposed project site and show you the latest imagery and topographic data. We can then design and grade your project while you watch. In addition, we can realistically simulate vehicle movement through your project site.

Parking lots, streets, sidewalks and many other options are easily created using the dynamic auto-drawing tools. As we change the site plans and adjust building location, the software automatically readjusts the parking and other areas of the site plan. Grading plans and layouts can be effortlessly revised, as well as cut and fill estimates generated on the fly.

Ideal for municipal engineering, this innovative software will provide conceptual roadway and traffic calming design and review, demonstrating the impact of implementing traffic circles, speed tables, a turning lane, widening the shoulder and simulating vehicle drive paths.

Our team can utilize this system in the planning of parks & recreational facilities, overall master planning, open space design, trailheads, athletic fields, public facilities and flood study exhibits to name a few. So stop second-guessing what your site MIGHT look like, and give FCE a call at 717.845.3227 or contact us online.