Real Estate Development and Engineering: How Engineering Services Help Real Estate Developers

Real estate development focuses on enhancing the quality of life by helping to create an environment where we can come together to learn, grow, and build relationships. We build our lives in our homes, neighborhoods, offices, towns, and cities – all as a result of real estate development.

However, successful development doesn’t happen overnight. New construction can be delayed if designs are not compliant. Missing code requirements for upgrades and renovations can cause existing building owners significant penalties. Successful development teams have the skills and insight to create highly valued places and understand the value of partnering with an experienced engineering firm.


Civil Engineering and Real Estate Development

Since our inception in 1995, our core capabilities have been civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, planning, stormwater/wastewater management, and erosion and sedimentation control.

In addition, we offer engineering services tailored to real estate developers including:

  • Land development
  • Subdivision plans & feasibility studies
  • Boundary, topographic, and ALTA surveys
  • Site plans and limitations
  • Utilities design
  • Traffic analyses

Turn Land into Opportunity

Finding the right civil engineering firm to realize your land development vision is crucial. Detailed and correct plans allow developers, architects, contractors, and others to do their jobs more efficiently and lessen the likelihood of costly changes or delays.

Boundary and Topographic Surveys

The key to a successful development project starts with data collected from a survey. Construction stakeout services make the ideas of architects and engineers a reality by correctly positioning future improvements on the ground. An ALTA boundary survey will tell you the property boundaries, physical features, potential encumbrances, and any easements on your property.

Traffic Planning and Design

As our communities grow, transportation issues become more and more important. Effective transportation facilities are important to commerce, tourism, economic growth, and the overall well-being we have grown accustomed to, as citizens of our local communities. You can’t get from “Point A” to “Point B” unless you have an experienced engineer providing guidance to the design of access and circulation for your project.


A Reliable Partner for Real Estate Developers

Our team of professionals work to ensure efficient and high quality service in the execution of all our projects. We work on projects in PA, MD, WV, VA, NJ, and DE.

Our small staff allows us to work on jobs of all sizes while also maintaining a 24-hour response time.