Weis Gas N' Go Dundalk Baltimore County, MD.

Weis Gas N’ Go – Dundalk, Baltimore Co., Maryland

Grocery & Convenience Stores

First Capital Engineering has served as the civil engineer for many Weis Markets’ stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including the new Gas N Go at Weis #84 in Dundalk, MD.

Weis Markets proposed the construction of a Fueling Facility at 7179 Holabird Avenue, Dundalk, MD. The fueling facility consisted of a 224-square foot kiosk (accommodating one employee), six fueling positions, overhead canopy, signage, paving, curbs, and parking

Project Challenges

FCE had to submit a Petition of Special Hearing and was granted approval for a fuel service station canopy sign with electronic changeable copy elements for use on the property of the fuel service station.

Limited Exemption Application

FCE requested the Development Review Committee review the project application as a Limited Exemption under Section 32-4-106(a)(1 )(vi). This section of the Baltimore County Code states that ”The construction of residential accessory structures or minor commercial structures” is exempt from the development review and approval process. Based on the nature of the proposed facilities, the project qualified for the exemption, and the project could begin.

Land Development Plan Approval

FCE then prepared and engineered a land development plan for the proposed Gas N Go fuel canopy and kiosk for submission to Baltimore County Department of Permits and Approvals and Inspections which was reviewed and approved.

FCE provided construction stake out, construction inspections, and prepared and submitted Landscape Plan Certification to Baltimore County post construction.

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