Buchart Horn rendering of the building.

Springettsbury Township Police Administration Building Expansion – York Co., PA


Springettsbury Township has embarked on a project to expand the existing municipal building by 32,700 square feet and add additional parking facilities to serve this space.

This area will become home to the Police Department, and the existing Police Department structure will be removed and replaced with additional surface parking facilities.

Although just initiated this year, FCE has completed survey services to include a boundary retracement, existing conditions and topography as well as locating existing features and utility lines. The base map has been prepared showing overall tract boundary, on-site improvements and ground topography with spot elevations and ground contours. FCE will prepare a sketch plan for review with the township, to include proposed buildings, parking, signage and landscaping based on the ordinances and needs of the Township.

The Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan will include the required detail to obtain municipal approvals, which are listed below. The plan will be submitted to the Township, the York County Planning Commission, the York County Conservation District, and lastly recorded at the York County Courthouse.

FCE will complete a DEP Sewage Planning Module Exemption and submit it to the Sewer Authority and the PA Department of Environmental Protection for review and approval.

Once plan applications are submitted and comments from the various review agencies are received, FCE will provide a compliance submission for each review agency. FCE will attend township and conservation district meetings and coordinate between agencies to ensure the plan is approved on a timely basis.

FCE will prepare documents for use in obtaining bids for the site work portion of the proposed project. The bid documents will include plans and technical specifications describing the scope of the project. We will also prepare technical specifications for the site work associated with the construction of the proposed fire department. Upon receiving final municipal and regulatory approvals, final bid documents will be provided.

FCE will provide construction period services to include attendance at the Pre-Bid and pre-construction meetings, as well as project site meetings. FCE will provide interpretations and clarifications of the plans and specifications, provide NPDES compliance inspections, and ultimately provide final inspection and closeout of the project.

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