Pip Moyer Recreation Center Softball Field Renovations Annapolis, MD

Pip Moyer Recreation Center Softball Field Renovations – Annapolis, MD

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The lower softball field in Truxtun Park in Annapolis, MD had many problems, specifically relating to the grading of the field. The grading problems were causing stormwater runoff to pond in the infield and erode the existing infield soil mix and clog the surrounding storm drainage system. The goal of the project was to create a grading plan so that the City could obtain a permit to regrade the field and provide proper surface drainage to prevent any further problems.

First Capital Engineering (FCE) conducted a topographic survey of the existing softball field and created a base plan to determine the causes of the stormwater runoff and erosion problem. It was determined that the problem was caused by the outfield and additional areas sloping toward the infield.

FCE developed a grading plan to minimize the flow of surface water from the outfield onto the infield. The project area was limited to within the fence line so the infield could not be raised sufficiently to make it higher than the outfield. A detailed grading layout to divert the runoff around the infield was created to mitigate the flooding issues that had been occurring.

FCE obtained the required grading permit from the Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District and provided all necessary construction and material specifications for the renovation.

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